Make your visit to Latgale unforgettable by sailing the elegant mahogany sailing boat “Sea Esta” in the heart of Latgale – Lake Rāzna. The locals have long called it the Latgale Sea. Here you will see the landscapes of Rāzna National Park where the human impact on nature here has been very limited for decades.

Sailing is available in two formats:

#1: A 2-hour individual reservation costs 200 €, only your company and team will be on board. We can accommodate up to 25 people on board at a time.

#2: Joining other groups on Fridays and weekends costs €10 per person.

Trip booking and information by phone +371 29833890 and

Restrictions: no smoking, pets are not allowed on board as well as music on group trips.

Let’s respect our fellow passengers and enjoy the sea of Latgale!