Make your visit to Latgale unforgettable by sailing the elegant mahogany sailing boat “Sea Esta” in the heart of Latgale – Lake Rāzna. The locals have long called it the Latgale Sea. Here you will see the landscapes of Rāzna National Park where the human impact on nature here has been very limited for decades.…

Guest House

We offer accommodation in our guest house on the shore of Lake Rāzna.


Relax with family and friends in the sauna and hot tub on the shores of Lake Rāzna. Description Price Sauna with a pool 100€ Sauna + Hot tub 150€ Hot tub 60€ Towels 2€ *All prices on June 23, December 24 and December 31 must be multiplied by 1.5

Fireplace Hall

Guests have an access to a swimming pool and a cozy Fireplace hall. For an additional fee the sauna, hot tub, boat rental, sailing trips in Rāzna are available.

Relax on the lake Rāzna

Relax, sunbathe, go fishing, watch the waterfowl and enjoy nature one Rāzna lake. Description Units Price Private sailing for a company of up to 25 people with the boat Sea Esta on Rāzna lake 2 hours 200€ Group sailing on lake Rāzna (get schedule and book the trip by calling +371 2983390) 1 person 10€…

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Bentley rental

Make your loved one’s holiday special with an elegant Bentley luxury car!Bentley rental (up to 3 hours) with driver will cost 300€. For an information and reservation please call +371 29299085.