Fun on lake Rāzna

Relax on Latgalian sea; + 371 29833890

Relax in one of the most beautiful places near Lake Rāzna – in the island-rich Čornaja Bay. The marvellous sight of Rāzna Lake with hills on the opposite side will take your heart away!


An unforgettable adventure sailing in the elegant mahogany boat “Sea Esta” in the very heart of Latgale – Lake Rāzna.

Guest House

Accommodation in cosy rooms on the shore of Lake Rāzna.


Relax with family and friends in the sauna and hot tub on the shores of Lake Rāzna.

Fireplace Hall

Enjoy the evening in the comfortable fireplace hall.

Relax on Lake Rāzna

Relax, sunbathe, go fishing, watch the waterfowl, and enjoy nature in Rāzna.

Bentley Rental

Feel yourself very special in the luxury elegant Bentley car!

How to find us?

“Zīdu kolns 2”, Zīdi, Čornajas pag., Rēzeknes nov., LV-4617



Andris Struckis


Ph.: +371 29299085

Andris Uškāns


Ph.: +371 29833890

Regita Zeiļa


Ph.: +371 27775952


Sailing (private)
Private sailing for a company of up to 25 people with the boat Sea Esta on Rāzna Lake.
Sailing (joining other groups)
Group sailing on Lake Rāzna (get scheduled and book the trip by calling +371 29833890)
Hot tub
Outdoor hot tub for 4 – 5 persons
Additional bed
Additional bed with linens
Whole guest house
The sauna and indoor swimming pool will cost an additional 100€.
Camper site
Camper site with power outlet
Price per person
Rowing boat rental
Rowing boat for up to 4 persons (price for one hour)
Electric-powered boat rental
Boat with an electric engine for up to 4 persons (price for one hour)
*All prices on June 23, December 24 and December 31 can differ from those above


Are there any restrictions on the boat?

Not many, but these are important:

  • The captain’s word is the law! The captain very rarely says anything in imperative form, but if that happens, we invite you to listen. It’s really the most crucial thing – it’s always about your safety.
  • No smoking!
  • No animals on board! Unusual conditions (swinging, leaning) may make the animals feel very uncomfortable.
  • It is not forbidden to drink alcohol, however, if we notice that someone is endangering himself or others, we immediately go ashore and the fare is charged according to the price list.

How early should I book a trip, room or sauna?

It depends on the season and the day of the week, but it is safer to book on time. The busiest days for us are Saturdays, if you are planning a visit on a Saturday, we encourage you to do so at least a week before. Mid-week, such as Tuesdays or Wednesdays, are usually less busy, so you can often make a reservation even the day before. But the earlier you make a reservation, the greater the guarantee that the chosen time and service will be available.

Where you are located?

“Zīdu kolns” is located on the shores of Dukstigal Bay, about 2 km from the village Čornaja village. If you use a navigator, you can type in “Zidu kolns” or “Buru Guru” and you will easily find us.