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  1. Footwear – only sports and outdoor shoes with light soles are allowed on board. Bare feet are another option. It is not allowed to wear high-heeled shoes or shoes with pointed heels on board as well as the shoes with dark soles that may leave marks on the deck.
  2. Pets – no pets are allowed on board.
  3. Dishes – only paper or plastic dishes are allowed to use on board. It is not allowed to use glass dishes or the other fragile dishes on board.
  4. Smoking – smoking on board is prohibited. The tour is not so long, besides, it is much more pleasant to sail without the presence of smoke for both the sailors and for the environment.
  5. Alcohol – it is allowed to drink the alcoholic beverages on board with a prior agreement of the captain.
– How much time should I spend on board in order to fully experience Lake Razna?
– 3-4 hour cruise is usually enough for an unhurried tour on Razna to explore the bays and see the most picturesque coastlines.
– Can I try my hand at steering?
Yes :) the captain will allow you to try your hand at steering but, please, don’t do it without the captain’s permission and instructions.
– Is the sailboat safe? Can it capsize?
– All sailboats heel in strong winds and big waves – it’s a part of sailing. But the sailboat cannot capsize because it has a heavy keel at the bottom that ensures the stability of a boat.
– Can I extend the tour if I feel like it?
– You should speak to the captain. If there are no other sailors waiting for their turn to enjoy Razna you can extend the sailing tour and pay for an extra time according to the pricing.
– How do I book a sailboat tour?
– You can write to info@buruguru.lv or call +371 29833890 or fill in the booking form online.
– Does the price depend on the number of persons?
– No, you pay for time, not for a number of persons.
– How many persons can participate?
– Usually, there are 10-15 guests on board. But 20 is also ok. It’s only a matter of space, not a matter of safety.
– Where should I stay while aboard the sailboat?
– You can spend your time on the deck but remember to take simple precautionary measures. The most comfortable places include an aft cockpit and a frontal cockpit right under the frontal sail. We strongly suggest you to hold on to the secured parts of a sailboat rigging when standing or walking. It is also possible to stay in the main cabin although it is usually used to shelter from the rain, to store a luggage or to prepare snacks.
– What should I wear?
– We suggest that you dress comfortably and weather appropriate. Keep in mind that it is usually cooler on the water so take warm clothes with you. Sneakers or soft-soled shoes are also recommended though many guests prefer to be barefoot. On a sunny day don’t forget about the sunglasses and a hat. You can get wet on a boat so we suggest that you choose appropriate clothing.
– Am I likely to get seasick?
– Swaying affects each body differently. It is quite uncommon to become seasick on the lake. However, the experienced sea dogs advice to take a sip of rum. Also prescribed medicine or motion sickness plasters may help if used in time, before stepping on board.
Is there a restroom on the boat?
– Yes, the sailboat is equipped with a toilet.
Can I drink alcohol aboard?
– We suggest you not to blunt the sailing sensations and we suggest you to enjoy you time aboard staying sober. However, moderate alcohol use is allowed on board. Don’t forget that immoderate use of alcohol may endanger you and the safety of the other passengers because there is a risk to fall overboard. Also the use of red wine and black balsam is not allowed on board as well as the other beverages that may leave stains on the wooden parts of the boat that are difficult to remove.
– Do I need to bring my own food?
You have surely noticed that fresh air stimulates the appetite. Sailing is not an exception therefore we suggest you to prepare cut and peeled fruits, snack plates with assorted cheese, sausage, ham, pastries and the other snacks. Preparing snacks for taking along on a boat don’t forget about the captain ;)
  • – Our aim is to ensure an enjoyable and unforgettable and, in the first place, safe sailboat tour on Lake Razna;
  • – Each of the tour participants takes responsibility to follow the rules and to follow the captain’s instructions;
  • – The captain sails the boat during all time of the tour;
  • – You should inform in advance if there are pre-school children participating in the tour;
  • – It is allowed to swim from the sailboat with a prior agreement of the captain;
  • – It is allowed to fish from the sailboat with a prior agreement of the captain if a fisherman has a valid fishing license and follows the terms and conditions;
  • – The captain is authorized to stop or to cancel the tour if one of the passengers is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and may endanger his or her safety or the safety of the other passengers while aboard;
  • – A row-boat will take you to the sailboat therefore there is a chance to get your feet wet when stepping into and out of a boat.
  • – Check the weather conditions before booking a tour. We suggest that you dress weather appropriate and take extra warm clothes with you because it is usually much cooler on the water than on the beach.
  • – Rainy or cloudy weather conditions are not considered a plausible reason to cancel or reschedule the tour.
  • – Sailing aboard a sailboat the route may change depending on the weather conditions – the wind direction and intensity, the wave height etc.
  • – If there is a strong wind on the day of the tour (above 20 m/s) and it can affect the safety of the passengers the captain is authorized to postpone the tour to another available time with a prior mutual agreement between you and the captain.
  • – Weather changes during the tour shall not affect the initially confirmed price of the tour.